Friday, May 27, 2016

IMQG June 2016 Monthly Meeting

When: Sunday, June 12, 2016 @1pm-4pm (Note: this is on the second Sunday of June because Father's Day falls on the third)

Where:  the Mass Ave RAD Space next to Crimson Tate in the 800 block of Mass Ave. It's in the building just about 1/4 of a block away from the shop, enter in the back. There is street parking (free on Sunday) and limited lot parking.


+Show and Tell: Be sure to bring an item (finished or still in progress) to show the group!

+Charity Quilt: If you took home fabric from May's meeting for the charity quilt, be sure to bring your finished blocks and/or the rest of the fabric.

+Surface Design Workshop by Karen Ratliff: During our June meeting you will have a chance to practice some surface design techniques. The three techniques we will practice are stenciling, stamping, and writing. Using these surface design techniques will add your own mark to the fabric you use in your quilts.

+++What to Bring: at least 3 fat quarter solids and your imagination!

+++Karen will bring: Stencils, stamps, linoleum, cutting tools, other things that can be used as stamps, paint, brushes, and fabric markers.

Friday, May 20, 2016

2016 Quilt Show Details for Members:

Now that we have a few more details on the show, here is some helpful information if you would like to enter a quilt into the show and/or sign up to volunteer.

When: Sunday July 31st, 2016 2pm-5:30pm 

Where: Broad Ripple Park (1500 Broad Ripple Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220) under their large picnic Shelter #1.

Submission Guidelines:
  • Size: 70”W x 96”H (we can be flexible if you let us know in advance).   

  • There will be no need to attach a hanging sleeve.

  • Quilt must be submitted using the online submission form (link below) by July 10th.

  • Quilts must be finished (including quilting and binding) and dropped off at either Lisa's House or Darcie's House by July 15th. More details to follow regarding quilt drop off.

  • Quilt must include a short description including what makes it a Modern quilt, if you enter a quilt, you will be sent a "Quilt Tag" form to fill out with your name, description, etc. We will be hanging these on the quilts at the show.

  • Quilts must be created and submitted by an active IMQG member to be eligible 

  • We want to display quilts that really emphasize modern aesthetic and principles. These include, but are not limited to: the use of bold colors and modern printshigh contrast, and graphic areas of solid colorimprovisational piecingminimalismexpansive negative space, and alternate grid work.
Due to the space limitations in the park, we will need to determine the number of quilts each person can hang based on the number of entries we get. Feel free to submit as many quilts as you want and we will let you know how many can be shown after our submissions close.
If you have any questions, please contact us at or

Volunteer Roles: If you would like to volunteer before, during, or after the show, Molly has put together some roles and descriptions. You many sign up for as many or as few spots as you'd like. Also, if you have anything to add to the volunteer, feel free to let us know! Simply email the guild (or Molly) and let us know what specific job you would like to volunteer for!  

Outreach and Promotion
(Before the show)
Types of responsibilities:
  • Blog post/social media post beforehand about the show 
  • Tag/Tweet/Etc to local businesses and outlets that might want to know about the show. News Media Outreach? 
  • Reach out to other local guilds (sending flyer PDF and link to FB event) 
  • Drop off flyers at local quilt shops, fabric stores, coffee shops etc 
  •  Help Molly request local donations from Indy stores 
  •  Goal of 300 people there

Day-of Setup
Types of responsibilities:
  • Setting out tablecloths over tables for quilts to be unloaded 
  • Cleaning shelter as needed from litter, major spills, etc 
  • Setting up IMQG info table; scavenger hunt, posters 
  • Setting up any donated food/water and necessary signage

Quilt Hanging/Take Down (special teams)
(10am-when quilts are hung; 5pm-when quilts are packed up)
Types of responsibilities:
  • Climb ladders in teams of 3 to hang quilts 
  • 1 person to follow team and pick up bags after signage is hung 
  • Climb ladders in teams of 3 to take down, fold, and bag quilts 
  • 1 person to lay out bags for take-down, unpin signs, and put in bags before quilt is taken down 
  • Pinning signs to each quilt

During-Show Volunteers
(shifts during 1:30-5pm)
Types of Responsibilities:
  • Membership advocates; sitting at IMQG booth and answering questions 
  • Running kid's scavenger hunt activity

Show Photographer
Types of Responsibilities:
  • Photos head-on of all quilts, photos of attendees, photos of quilters with their quilts, etc 
  • Edit photos and share digital copies with IMQG

Day-of Cleanup
(5pm-when we leave the park!)
Types of Responsibilities:
  • Clean up ALL materials, trash, etc 
  • Take down ropes etc from quilt hanging 
  • Load up folding tables and bagged quilts 
  • Turn IMQG info table to "quick pick up table" 
  • Running "quilt pick-up" table if people want to take home that day (starting 6pm)

Show Follow-Up
(after the show)
Types of Responsibilities:
  • Blog post afterwards about the show 
  • Contact anyone who left email addresses being interested in IMQG

Thursday, May 19, 2016

May Meeting Recap

We had a super fun May meeting at the RAD space near Crimson Tate! After announcements, including some discussion on the upcoming quilt show, we had show and tell. 

A few notes on the IMQG Quilt Show in July:
-There is still plenty of time to submit your quilts! Deadline to submit is July 10th, and finished quilts must be dropped off at the designated locations (tbd) by July 15th. 
-We did a test hanging at the shelter and found that it is pretty easy to hang larger quilts. Feel free to submit quilts larger than 48" wide.
-Keep a look out for a blog post detailing quilt submissions and volunteer roles. We need all the volunteers we can get!

Afterwards, we got down to business sewing the Charity Quilt for 2016. Karen put together an example block and had some great instructions for us. Then we each took a job and made a bunch of blocks assembly-line style. It was really great watching everyone work together and chat as we worked. We still need more blocks to put the top together, but overall it was a really good start!

A few of the blocks finished at the meeting.

We had a great assembly system with fabric scrip sorters, pressers, cutters, and sewers. 

And here is some show and tell eye candy:

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

IMQG May 2016 Meeting: Charity Quilt Sewing

When: Sunday, May 15, 2016 @1pm-4pm

Where:  the Mass Ave RAD Space next to Crimson Tate in the 800 block of Mass Ave. It's in the building just about 1/4 of a block away from the shop, enter in the back. There is street parking (free on Sunday) and limited lot parking.


+Show and Tell: Be sure to bring an item (finished or still in progress) to show the group!

+Charity Quilt: We will be working on this year's IMQG group charity quilt at this meeting. Our goal is to make the entire quilt top in one day! We will be working assembly line style with a a few stations for cutting, machines, ironing etc.

++If you would like to volunteer to bring materials (i.e. cutting mat, rotary cutter, rulers, sewing machine, iron, ironing board, etc.) please let us know either through email ( or on the Facebook group event.

++Fabric: Meghan has generously donated enough scraps to make most of the top. However, you are always welcome to bring a few scraps as well. We are also looking for either white or light gray scraps for background fabric.

++We will have instructions on how to make the blocks ready at the meeting. If you would like to get a head start, cutting your scraps into rectangles of all sizes might be helpful.

Here is an inspiration picture for our quilt:

April 2016 Meeting Recap

Another successful meeting in the books! It was just a nice, beautiful day to be out on Mass Ave for the April meeting. We started out with show and tell, announcements, and door prizes. Then we had trunk shows from members Tisha Nagel and Darcie Mair. There are so many great pictures from this month, I'll just leave you with some eye candy for this post. 

Show and Tell

Tisha's Trunk Show

Darcie's Trunk Show