Monday, March 21, 2011

Quilter of the Month: Tisha!

Here's a new monthly feature we'll share on the IMQG blog, where you get to know one of our own members a little better. If you're interested in being interviewed or have any additional questions for Tisha, let me know in the comments section.

Q. Mandatory: Name, blog/etsy shop, hometown, current location
Tisha Nagel, & I'll just claim Indy all around.

Q. What sewing machine do you use? Does it have a name? Do you like it?

Brother 6000 something. So far this thing has been a work horse.

Q. Where do you sew? What’s your space look like?

I sew in the 2nd bedroom in our house. It was a must have.

Q. Tell me about your first quilting experience.

Well it was pretty terrible. I waited until Christmas break from school to start a quilt for my parents. I went over to gmas at night to work on it. Christmas Eve I still had LOTS to do. My parents would NOT go to bed. I passed out finally and woke up after they went to bed. I stayed up until like 3am to get the thing done. Ran out of binding so I had to stop. Not good to give a gift with pins left in it. Parents loved it but was not my best work. I think it only fueled my fabric addiction.

Q. What’s your dream machine?

At home long arm so I too can pump out like 10 quilts a week.

Q. What is your favorite part of making a quilt?

The design process. I love taking fabric and creating an idea based what I see when I look at it. I have been known to start designing something right on the spot. The anticipation of seeing it come together is really exciting for me.

Q. What is your most dreaded part of making a quilt?

Basting. I have to clean the floors at my house really well because of the mongrels (dogs). Then being on my hands and knees pinning and pressing makes me feel ridiculous.

Q. What quilting/fabric trend are you ‘over’?

Civil War stuff, it does nothing for me.

Q. What’s your favorite fabric line of all time?

Timeless Treasures Botanica and/or Benartex Habitat

Q. What fabric trend are you most excited about?

Honestly, solids. You can really do a lot with them.

Q. Where are your favorite brick and mortar quilt shops?
Quilts Plus, they are always so nice. Plus, it's close to the house.
Q. What are your favorite online fabric shops?
Too many to choose from.
Q. What time of day do you usually sew? Do you listen to music, or watch TV?
I like to sew in the mornings since I have that time at home w/o any interruptions. Gets my brain going for the day. I usually have Pandora on. Typically it is my Petey Pablo station, better known as southern rap. My husband laughs at me since rap music and quilting don't usually pair well.
Q. Do you have any sewing or quilting injuries?
Does no feeling in right middle fingertip count? Thank you iron and needles. Pretty sure I am going to develop some weird calus there.
Q. What are your favorite crafty blogs and/or Etsy shops?
Red Pepper Quilts always has something that I want to make.
Q. What do you love most about IMQG?
Meeting others that are like me, yet we are each so different. My friends completely support my quilting but none are really into my fabric, sewing, quilting addiction. I hope that other members can help me grow and challenge me to try new things.
Q. Do you sew/make other things besides quilts?
Potholders and other stuff. I will try anything except clothes.
Q. What's your favorite project you've completed?
My friend's wedding quilt. It was different, bright and matched her colors.
Q. Do you want to share any sneak peaks of anything you're working on?

Sure, there is a lot in the works right now. I started a list just to keep track of what I need to get done. Here is a sneak peek of a green and brown baby quilt I completed the top on.

Thanks, Tisha!


  1. How fun to get to know you better! There are so many incredible people out there, and what a neat way to share their lives with us!

    Laughing at the rap comment, dogs and everly patient hubbies!

    ps...wouldn't mind doing this myself. I so enjoyed hearing about Tisha's life and quilting journey and want to make more friends at MIQG!

  2. I second Dee's nomination for April! Following your blog, Tisha. :)

  3. Dee, I'll be in touch. Hope to see you this Saturday!