Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Robert Kaufman Solids Challenge - KatieJ

Here's KatieJ's quilt for the Robert Kaufman Solid Challenge.  And here's what she has to say about it - 
"Using solids was a real challenge for me not because I don't like solids but because I LOVE patterns.  I fought this tooth and nail and I really wanted to toss in like 2-3 patterns but I resisted the urge although I did allow one for the back.  I decided not to cut the charm squares because the colors were too pretty and I only get so much time with my sewing machine and 5 inch squares are pretty easy to manage.  I used the squares to make "flowers" although Rachael thinks they look like snails.  I usually free-motion all my quilting but this time I did "wonky diagonal" lines at various widths and I really like the look for this quilt. I cannot wait for our next challenge as long as it doesn't involve pointy triangles or anything where you have to follow a pattern as I'm not a pattern girl."