Saturday, June 4, 2011

Robert Kaufman Solids Challenge-- Val

Here's what Val had to say about her darling solids quilt, called "Flock in the Box":

I was unclear about the exact rules of the challenge, but this is what I decided my rules would be:

1. Use all the fabric from the charm pack.

2. Add one additional solid color.

3. Finish by the end of April.

4. Stick with only solid prints, no patterns.

Here is how I did in the challenge, on a pass/fail grading scale:

1. I used all the fabric except I lost two tiny corners that I can't find anywhere. (I'm going to count that as a Pass.)

2. I added Kona Snow as the background and Kona Bone for the binding. (2 extra colors...Fail!)

3. I just finished yesterday. Only a month late. (Dang... failed again!)

4. I so so so wanted to add one printed fabric into this quilt to jazz it up, but I fought my temptation. (Pass!)

So, that's 50%. What is that... an F? Oh well, I am still happy with the results and had fun creating this quilt.

Be sure to check out Val's blog for more details on the construction of this quilt, as well as her inspiration.

Thanks, Val!

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