Sunday, July 10, 2011

Get Vintage Modern! Challenge Due October 15th

Source: The Vintage Modern Click Here
Throughout the year we are encouraging everyone to get vintage modern.  
We had the sheet swap so you could get some vintage loveliness.  We also have been sharing some Vintage Modern Inspiration - more to come.  But we want to invite all Indianapolis Modern Quilters to complete any kind of Vintage Modern piece - be it a quilt, bag, wall hanging, dress, etc, to be displayed when at the Urban Folks Craft Fair in November.  Find the specific details below: 

  • Sewn fabric pieces must be Vintage Modern - this is your adaptation of this there are no official rules for what is vintage modern
  • Pieces can be any type of quilted work - quilts, wall hangings, bags, dresses, etc etc 
  • Vintage modern can be of any size but must be transportable in a car. ;o)
  • Pieces must be completed and turned in on or before October 15th (you may turn them in at any meeting to to Tisha, Rachael, or Katie or make other arrangements)
  • All pieces will be returned post the Craft Fair 
  • All pieces will be displayed at the Craft Fair and will be photographed and appear on the IMQG blog as well all Indy sewists are invited to come to the fair to see them and invite their friends and neighbors!
  • Email us for additional details:

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