Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quilters on Quilts July Recap

Saturday's event was super hot which I'm sure scared away quilters however we still brought the quilts out to the IMA grounds for some Quilters on Quilts.  Everyone's picnic blankets were different but surprisingly they were all about the same exact size.
Jenny shared a work in progress quilt strawberry picnic blanket.

As well as her flowers and leaves aka lima beans and wheels quilt ;o)
Katie brought her rock pocket scrap quilt.
Rachael brought her vintage sheet star quilt. 

And Tisha brought her latest purple "brick" quilt (sorry I can't recall the name of the pattern but it's still awesome).
We lined the quilts up and then picnicked in the shade at the IMA.  We even attracted some random person who photographed our quilts in the lawn. 

During the meeting we passed out the free spirit fabrics, discussed our latest projects, and discussed that we would probably avoid outdoor events in the humidity and museum events in the future. 
Hope to see you all at the Fair!

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