Saturday, October 1, 2011

September Meeting Recap

In September the Indy Modern Quilt Guild met at Quilts Plus.  We had 5 new members in attendance and it was great to see familiar faces return too.  We kicked off the meeting with a little meet and greet and show and tell.  And let me tell you everyone brought some AWESOME projects to share.  It was very impressive.   
We followed up with some announcements about the Free Spirit Challenge, Our November Event, and the Tear Challenge, Upcoming Meetings.  And then we got down to pressing, sewing, visiting, shopping, and enjoying ourselves.  
Announcements & Guild Business Recap
  • Free Spirit Challenge Participants if you have finished your project please email us photos at
  • November Event will be a 2 day demonstration that we are giving at the Urban Folk Art Show.  Additional details to follow but if you need information please contact Lindsay Conner or
  • Virtual Bee Participants we are still waiting for one set of fabric.  Katie will send a reminder out to the group so hopefully we can get this finished up soon.  
  • Tear Challenge - Everyone who wanted to particpate at the meeting tore pieces of fabric off to make into a project.  Project can be anything of the participants choosing.  You can use as much or as little as the fabric as you like.  Add fabric if needed.  Try and complete by December meeting (or previous meeting if possible).
  • Upcoming Meetings are October 15th, November 4-6, and December 11 (note the December Date has changed)
  • Events and Meetings format - Katie and Tisha shared that this year we experimented with different types of meetings trying to see what people were interested in and we found that sewing meetings were more popular so we are looking toward having each month in 2012 have sewing meetings trying to stick to the 3rd Satruday of the month when possible and then we'll probably schedule a separate "social event" type meeting only once a quarter. 
Thanks so much for Quilts Plus for having us.  If you are attending in October we'll be back at Quilts Plus again as well. 
Here are some pictures from some of the projects shared if I didn't share one of your project admittedly my iPhone photos were not fantastic.
Tisha shared this project she's working on.
Kate I shared this quilt which was her first quilt very impressive
She also shared her pin wheels

Julie shared this baby quilt and a black and yellow quilt she made. 

And Elizabeth shared a primary color quilt that July and her are working on as a collaborative project.

Back in the Spring Elizabeth was starting this labyrinth project with many tiny pieces and she brought the finished project. 
She also is finishing up her Free Spirit Challenge which will be pillows. 
Jenny also had her free spirit project to share.  She made a wall hanging for her daughter.
Katie C bought some of her t-shirt quilts.  We enjoyed her use of the t-shirts in the border.

Amy bought a cathedral windows pillow she made.
Cindi shared a few of her quilts as well

Lindsay shared blocks from a swap she participated in. 
As well as her "billboard" Exodus quilt

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  1. Looks like a great meeting! I'm sure hoping to meet all of you in October :)