Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Wrap-Up: Urban Folk Art Demo

Modern Quilts on Display

This weekend, the Indy Modern Quilt Guild was invited to do a demo at the Urban Folk Art show, a new modern craft show in the area. We spent Saturday and Sunday afternoons at the show making pink, lime and white sampler blocks for a charity quilt (a modern take on traditional Christmas colors), and sharing our love of modern quilting with anyone who would listen.

Lindsay with Diamonds Mini Quilt

Lindsay brought two of her quilts (cathedral windows mini behind her head and diamonds mini to the side) and several quilt blocks in progress. Several members of the group enjoyed cutting fabric with the Accuquilt GO! Baby.

Katie's awesome postcards

Katie used her graphic design skeelz to create these awesome postcards to promote our group! We had several new people stop and talk to us about coming to a future meeting, so it was great to have these on hand to give people our contact info.

Modern Quilts on Display

We had a genius idea to pin these quilts to the top of the gym mats, but then got scared that the Monon Center people would get mad so we took them down.

Barbara's newest quilt

Barbara's style is so innovative! We love seeing how she manipulates fabric and works images into her quilt designs.

Holly's quilt

Holly came to her first meeting this week and shared her super-cozy quilt. Looks very vintage modern!

Jenny & Barbara

The lovely duo of Jenny and Barbara, working on sampler blocks.

Rachael's Swoon quilt

We all swooned over Rachael's new quilt finish and the yummy fabrics.

Rachael's finished Irish chain quilt and triangle quilt top

She's a super-fast quilter, and also recently whipped up these since the last time I saw her. Rachael has volunteered to work all of our sampler blocks into a finished quilt. THANK YOU RACHAEL!

Making a charity quilt

We worked, talked, and checked out the show's vendors. But mostly just had fun! These photos are from Saturday's demo, and Katie took some great photos of Sunday's event, so look for those soon. :)

Thanks to all who came to the show! We hope you can join us next month for our Christmas party and ornament swap at Crimson Tate.

Update: Here are some photos borrowed from Urban Folk Art:

indianapolis modern quilters guild.

indianapolis modern quilters guild.

indianapolis modern quilters guild.

Indianapolis Modern Quilter's Guild.

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