Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Quilter of the Month July - Brooke Starnes

It's my pleasure to introduce this month's quilter of the month - Brook Starnes.  This girl is always so full of smiles and laughter and also beautiful quilts.  She can often be found at Crimson Tate "sewing" or spending time with her adorable daughter.  And now for the 20 questions...
Name:  Brooke Starnes,
Location:  Fountain Square of Indianapolis.
What sewing machine do you use? Does it have a name? Do you like it? i sew with a brother cs6000i. it's my second machine and it's been a work horse. the tension is sometimes funky which is more than frustrating. i'm hoping to replace it with few more bells and whistles soon.
Where do you sew? What’s your space look like? i sew in our living room. before our daughter, i had a more dedicated space. now, i like to be in the middle of the chaos. i have a little corner behind our couch with a desk and my machine. it's pretty great. i also love to sew at crimson tate on saturdays. we won't talk about how much (or how little) sewing i get done there.

What makes you a modern quilter? i'm not sure what makes me a modern quilter. i suppose fabric has a lot to do with it and the patterns i'm drawn to. Tell me about your first quilting experience. i don't really remember my first experience. quilting has always been a part of my life. my grandmother (my dad's mom) was a quilter and she taught my mom. i don't remember sitting down with either of them to learn how to quilt. it was just part of my environment. and, in that way, has always been a part of me. a couple of years ago, i decided i was ready to really jump in. haven't much looked back since.
What’s your dream machine? i don't think i have a dream machine. or maybe my dream machine would be one in which the bobbin NEVER ran out?
 What is your favorite part of making a quilt? hmm. favorite part? i like to do as much chain sewing as possible so probably my favorite part is when i finally get a completed block together. OR once i finish, and i throw it in the washer, and then the dryer, and pull it out. that just might be my favorite part.

What is your most dreaded part of making a quilt? i do love picking out fabric but it really stresses me out. did i make the right choice? does that one really fit? my virgo neuroses! Do you have any great tips and tricks you want to share? i pin a lot. A LOT. and when i think i've pinned enough, i pin some more. it's an extra step that a lot of people skip but i think it makes a huge difference.
Where are your favorite brick and mortar quilt shops? crimson tate! heather givans has created an incredible sense of community in her store that i've not found else where. it's the perfect place to find amazing fabric and to laugh (a lot!). What are your favorite online fabric shops? i don't order much online. i like to see and touch fabric in person.  

What time of day do you usually sew? Do you listen to music, or watch TV? if i'm looking for stress-free sewing, i wait until the little one is taking a nap or down for the night. i prefer music over tv; tv is too distracting for me.
Do you have any sewing or quilting injuries? no injuries, thankfully.
What are your favorite crafty blogs and/or Etsy shops? i love http://www.filminthefridge.com/ and http://blueelephantstitches.blogspot.com/. i love http://www.purlbee.com/, too.
What's your favorite kona cotton color? favorite kona? hmm, maybe snow? i love white space in quilts.
What do you love most about IMQG? i love seeing what other people have been up to and the different ways the same patterns can be interpreted. i love the inspiration the meetings bring.
Do you sew/make other things besides quilts? i am a huge knitter and, just recently, have started sewing some clothes. i do enjoy baking, too.
What's your favorite project you've completed? i'm not quite finished but i'm working on the swoon quilt with the denyse schmidt (my favorite!) flea market fancy fat quarter collection (from crimson tate!). i feel like this is going to be my favorite project. it's a lot of work but so great.

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