Monday, August 6, 2012

First Friday - Ice Cream Sew-cial Quilt Show

This past Friday we had our first real quilt show as a guild and it was AWESOME.  It was part of the First Friday events in Indy and turnout was excellent - Rachael estimates 1,000 people came by (although I'd say it was more like 300-500).  All the quilts shown showed such a wide variety of talent, color, and fun from our guild.  We had over 40 quilts strung along Mass Ave blowing in the wind it was a great textile art installation.  I was very impressed at the variety and just splendor of the quilts blowing in the wind on the cultural trail.    We gave out all our ice cream by 7:30ish the weather was so warm.   It was such an interesting event even the bikers riding the bike path were impressed. 
Thank you to all the ladies who came out to set-up or tear down or who made a quilt to be displayed.  Big thanks to Crimson Tate and Heather for allowing us to use the space in and in front of the store.  And also thank you to Mr. Parker, Dustin and Mike who graciously hung and re-hung the quilts for us - we could not have done it without you.  
We look forward to future quilt shows. 


  1. What fun- wish I could have been there! Thanks for posting!!

  2. it was so fun! HUGE THANKS TO YOU, Katie, for organizing and coordinating everything.