Sunday, February 17, 2013

Perfect for Spring - A Round Robin!

At the February meeting, we announced our newest opportunity - a Round Robin.  Meghan Eschbaugh will be leading this.  In case you don't know exactly what a Round Robin is, here's a decription from

"First, a general description of a round robin quilt for those who may not have heard of them.  It's a quilt that is made by a group of quilters and it's a variation of doing friendship blocks.  To start, everyone makes a block for the center.  There can be all kinds of rules for size, color , theme, etc.  The blocks are passed to someone else in the group.  They add the first border.  Then the next quilter adds the second.  This usually continues until there are three borders that have been sewn by three different quilters.  The quilter who made the center block then gets the quilt top back to keep and finish.  The round robins I have been in were fun.  We didn't get to see our blocks until all the borders had been added.  We would have a luncheon where we would reveal all the quilt tops and then return them to their owners"

The following rules are meant to be a simple guideline.  We are all creative people and you may choose to be as creative as you like throughout this process. 
·         Your center block should be approximately 18” square, or your choice in size.  Keep in mind that the bigger you make it the more the people adding rounds will have to do. 
·         You may include some or all fabrics that you want used in your quilt or leave fabric decisions up to your fellow quilters.
·         You may include a label that each person may sign and/or a letter/journal to explain your original block, and how you envision your finished quilt:
    o    Finished size and/or use,
    o   color and/or seasonal theme,
    o    with or without applique, etc. 
·         Each person is encouraged to add a comment about their border choices to your letter/journal. 
·         The owner is free to alter, add, adjust or do anything they want with the finished quilt.
·         Quilts will be exchanged at each monthly guild meeting.
·         Quilts will be rotated alphabetically to ensure each quilt is worked on by a different person each round.
·         You are free to withdraw from the round whenever you feel your quilt is complete.  
·         If you have questions, concerns, or if you cannot attend the monthly guild meeting please contact Meghan Eschbaugh to make arrangements to swap.  You can contact her at, or (231)557-1674. 

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