Thursday, March 27, 2014

March Meeting Recap & Notes

  • Membership -Lisa provided a membership update regarding the latest membership numbers (30 Members) and distributed the latest membership cards.
  • Amendment to bylaws - Katie mentioned that last month we had voted to update our bylaws. 
  • The Survey for Charity Quilt - The survey for the charity quilt was mentioned and that it was between Riley and Julian Center voting is on Facebook. 
  • Challenge - Rachael mentioned that the challenge fabric has not yet arrived.  The MQG had over 3000 members sign up, so it will likely come in later in March or early April.  It was mentioned that some members didn't have the opportunity to sign up because of the quick turnaround.  The board mentioned they were given little notice but would try and and provide members a better opportunity to take sign-ups moving forward, and would also mention to the MQG that they would like the opportunity to know about the Challenges with more advanced notice.
  • Next Meeting - It was mentioned that the next meeting is currently scheduled for Quilt Expressions 4/19 at 10:30am.  Programming is TBD.   It was also mentioned that in May we would return to Crimson Tate's RAD Space for an all day sewing event and that due to the turnout lately we would like to try and get accurate RSVPs so we can appropriately plan for seating and sewing space.  Please see the Facebook Event Notice to sign-up or email us at 
  • Astronaut Blocks - These were collected so they can be sent in together.  It was mentioned that if you wanted to still participate you can however you will need to send your blocks in individually, or get your blocks to Tisha before the end of March.

Show and Tell:
  • Lots of great finishes recently seen at Show and Tell were shared.  Some photos are below.
Speaker & Paper Piecing:
  • Heather of Crimson Tate arranged for Sarah Sharp of No Hats Quilts to come speak to the guild and share her paper piecing techniques and a little about her quilting experiences.    Guild members were able to try their hand at the techniques creating her arrow pattern which is available on Craftsy.  She also brought a new tool called the Whacker which will soon be available for purchase at Crimson Tate, but allows you to "whack" tiny piecings so they are flatter.

Thanks so much to Crimson Tate for hosting us and to Sarah for the tutorial and neat ideas.

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