Monday, March 24, 2014

New Member Activity - The Block Lotto

At the March meeting, we introduced a new monthly project: Block Lottery!
Every month, we'll share a block at the meeting and post a link to a tutorial facebook and on our blog, along with a designated color scheme. If you want to give it a try, make the block and bring it to the next meeting with your name on a piece of tape on the back. 
Your block acts as your lottery ticket, and if we draw your name, you get all the blocks! If we have more than 20 blocks we'll draw 2 winners. You may make up to 3 blocks, giving you additional entries. If you win, you must show us a FINISHED QUILT (not just a top!) in order to win again, but you can still make blocks for future months.
The blocks might be a little challenging and out of your comfort zone, but hey, you have the chance to win lots of finished ones with a fraction of the work!
Please make this block with a solid white center and all GREEN strips, prints and solids, in the border.
This month's block is Sun Rays, by Twin Fibers:
Image from Twin Fibers
If you have questions regarding the block lotto email Rachael at 

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