Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November Meeting Recap

+ Reviewed renewal information and reminded members that they could renew online and via PayPal.  We are targeting to have renewals in by Mid December.
+ discussed the upcoming retreat.  Presidents' Day weekend in 2015.  Members must pay the $50 non refundable deposit. There are 12 spaces and they are first come first serve basis.  Contact Tisha or the to see if spots are available
+ tisha presented the write up for the amendment to the by laws.  Amendment was passed.  This will prorate membership fees on or after 9/1 to be $15 for the remainder of the year.  Bylaws will be updated to reflect this.
Our Guest Speaker Heather Jones share her quilting story and many of her fun quilts.  She even gave us a sweet gift.  Her presentation was well received and many people he questions.  Find out more about heather on THANKS so much for coming to speak to us.

We also had show and tell where lots of fun quilts were shared.
Tisha's almost finished challenge quilt 
Megan's do good stitches
Rachael's squirrel 
Darcie's grandmothers quilt 
Karen's quilt using her recently dyed fabrics.
Thanks as well to Heather And Crimson Tate for the extra discount and for having us!  

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