Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January Meeting Recap

We had an excellent January meeting! With such a big turnout, how could it not be awesome!? And...happy hour at Crimson Tate... Woot! Woot!

Anyway, down to business before we get on to all the picture deliciousness that was show and tell. Let's see...what did we do?
  • First off, Katie talked about business. She discussed booking the library for future meeting dates (which you can find more details in the right sidebar of the blog and in future posts). 
  • Lisa thanked and presented our out-going board members with cute little spring flowers.
  • We had the Block Lotto drawing, which Lisa won. Congrats Lisa! Can't wait to see what you make! 
  • We also revealed the February block lotto block, which you can read more about here.
  • Lindsay Lefevere showed us an AMAZING piecing technique using fusible interfacing. 

  • And then we had show and tell. So without further ado...pictures!

Elizabeth + Denise Schmidt = Amazingness!!

Katie is never afraid to go all out with bright orange, wonky quilting!

 We also had quite a few visitors and new members at this meeting. We hope to see you again!!!

Lisa never fails with Parson Gray. :)

Holly finally had time to make something. Hooray! 

Molly's friendship star inspired-meeting friends at the crossroads-quilt.

She also took the same pattern and made it 3 unique ways. Neat idea!

Amy's new pattern and flying metallic birds. Seriously, the picture does NOT do those birds justice!

Laura's sampler quilt is an excellent combination of several different fabrics. Bravo!

Although Meghan was frustrated with her quilt, it looks great to us!! Who doesn't love baseball!?

Check out this amazing HUGE quilt Karen brought. That thing must weigh a ton!!

Her little quilts are pretty awesome too. :)

Michele nearly blinded us with this one. But it is pretty cool none the less. lol

Rachael caught me taking pictures... 

Apparently Rachael and I do not mesh well with pictures. But at her projects are way too cool not to share anyway. :-D

Tisha upcycled some neck ties for this pillow. Pretty cool idea!

And dove into her Tula stash for this one. 

And finally finished her Michael Miller challenge. 

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