Thursday, February 19, 2015

February Quilt Retreat Recap

The IMQG Quilt Retreat was a major success! We had 11 girls stay the entire weekend and 14 for the day "meeting" on Saturday. And it was super fun! It was so much fun in fact, that I was so busy sewing, chatting, laughing, eating, and sleeping (some) that I only snapped a quarter of the pictures I couldn't have taken throughout the weekend.

If you were following along on Instagram, then you had a rough play by play of the happenings at the retreat. But I'll just skip to the pictures and let them tell the story.

I want to preface the onslaught of pictures by saying...the cabin we stayed was really dark. Like for reals you guys. Really dark. And that means, the pictures are dark. So I apologize in advance for that. :)

We had several tables set up to accommodate all the machines. This is the first half of the room.

 Tisha set up her machine by the ironing station and pool table cutting station. (Side note: no pool table felt was injured this weekend.) :)

A big thanks to Crimson Tate, C&T Publishing, Aurifil, Olfa, and Lapel Stick for sponsoring our door prizes. Everyone went home with a prize this weekend! 

Michele was our first prize winner as our first member to complete a project on Friday night.

Mary and Susan came down for the day on Saturday and participated in the block lotto drawing. (Holly came to but snuck away again before I got a picture of her.)

Block Lotto blocks (minus 1 as Lisa was still sewing hers during the drawing). Congrats to Rachael, the winner!!

Tisha was VERY excited to finish her Lotta plus quilt.

For dinner on Saturday we actually ventured outside the cabin! We ate at Big Woods Brewing in Nashville, IN and it was delicious!

Meghan asked Amy to quilt a long free motion feather onto her Round Robin quilt, and of course we all sat around mesmerized at Amy's free motion skills.

Here Meghan is staging her finished (with the quilting) Round Robin near our only (good) naturally light source.  If you look closely, you can see my (Darcie's) in progress HST lay out. It was an all day process... :)

Congrats to Lisa on the LAST finished of the weekend (Sunday at, oh, 1am-ish). 

Sometime mid-day on Sunday a few of the girls ventured outside again (gasp!) to take photographs in good lighting. A wise decision. Here are several finishes of the weekend between a few of the girls.

Those are all the pictures I have, but I know there are a lot more from the other girls. If you have any pictures of the retreat, feel free to share them with the group on here or through Facebook. A few of the girls have also started blogging about the event, so be sure to check those out on our left sidebar.

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