Thursday, March 19, 2015

May 2015 Meeting: IMQG Quilt Picnic!

For the May meeting we are taking a field trip! We will be going to Garfield Park for a picnic! So pack a picnic, bring your family/friends, grab a quilt (or 2 or 10), and join us for a fun day at the park!

Wouldn't it be cool to look out over the park and see a sea of colorful quilts!? We want to pack the park with IMQG quilts! We encourage you to bring your family, kids, friends, etc just as you would for a good ol' fashioned picnic at the park. There will also be some vintage baseball happening that day that we can set up camp near.

When: Saturday, May 16 @ 1pm
(Note: this is a Saturday rather than our usual meeting day Sunday)

The meeting will be somewhat unstructured due to the nature of a picnic, but we will try to have announcements, show & tell, and the block lotto drawing.

+Quilt for the picnic
+A picnic lunch
+Any family or friends to join in on said picnic
+Show & Tell: possibly the quilt you are using??
+May Block Lotto

Where: Garfield Park
+We will be meeting at the Pagoda inside the park.
+Katie said there would be a map, so a map you shall have! (Even if it is not to scale)
---The red arrow is the pagoda meeting spot.
---The blue circles are parking.
+The building labeled #2 is the Garfield Arts Center. That address is 2505 Conservatory Dr Indianapolis, IN 46203
+2345 Pagoda Dr Indianapolis, IN 46203 is another address you could use.
+For more information, go here.

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