Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Block Lotto: June 2015

Due to weather restricting meetings in April and May, we have postponed those block lottos to June. Which means you still have time to make your Curvy Pinwheels AND your Disappearing Four Patch in time for the June meeting!!

In case you need a refresher, here are the details for both blocks:

The first block is Curvy Pinwheels by Amy Garro at 13 Spools.

Curved piecing can be scary, but Amy's tutorial is excellent! Curves really aren't as hard as they look, trust me! Plus, this block only has 8 pieces, so it goes together quickly. You might even have time to make 3 blocks for this month. :)

Color Scheme:
+Blues for the "Inner Curve", prints or solids, lights or darks.
+Light Gray for the "Outer Curve", solid only. Any light gray is fine, I used Kona Silver for the example if you want to be matchy matchy.

Here is an example of the block:

The second block is a Disappearing 4-Patch. Another easy one with only 4 pieces to start out! Click the link for the tutorial.

As for the colors, please use a solid white for 2 of the squares and a solid color (your *favorite* color) for the other 2 squares. If you can't pick just one color, make 3 blocks and choose your top 3. :)

Here is an example of the block to get you started.

Every month, we'll show a block at the meeting and post a link to a tutorial here and on our blog, along with a designated color scheme. If you want to give it a try, make the block and bring it to the next meeting with your name on a piece of tape on the back. Your block acts as your lottery ticket, and if we draw your name, you get all the blocks! If we have more than 20 blocks we'll draw 2 winners. You may make up to 3 blocks, giving you additional entries. If you win, you must show us a FINISHED PROJECT (not just a top!) in order to win again, but you can still make blocks for future months.

The blocks might be a little challenging and out of your comfort zone, but hey, you have the chance to win lots of finished ones with a fraction of the work!
If you have any questions, just ask!

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