Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fabric Dyeing Class

Have you ever wanted to learn to dye fabric for your quilts? 

Last fall, Karen Ratliff took several intensive fabric dyeing classes and would like to pass on some of that knowledge to the members of IMQG. She is now offering small classes in her home (Southside). Since every place the guild meets is carpeted, it would not be feasible to offer a class during a meeting.

During the class we will cover dip-dyed, low water immersion dyeing, random colors, and gradation dyeing. During the class you will have access to Karen's dyes, other chemicals, and experience. 

There will be a charge but only to cover the cost of the fabric and supplies ($15 for 2 yards). When you're finished you will have 2 yards of your custom dyed fabric that you can incorporate into your quilts. 

If you are interested in taking the fabric dying class, and are a paid member of the IMQG, contact Karen Ratliff ( for details.

Here are some examples of the fabric dyed by Mary and Michele in the first class.

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