Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October 2015 Meeting Recap

Another great meeting in the books for the year of 2015! We had the judging for the travel challenge, show and tell, voted for next year's board members, and discussed a possible IMQG 2016 Quilt Show in the works!

To get the "business" out of the way first, board members. It was a tough race with 5 board member positions available and 5 nominees, but we pulled through. :) Let's welcome Molly Isenbarger as our newest member of the board. She will be joining returning members Katie Burford, Lisa Parker, Karen Ratliff, and Darcie Mair for the 2016 year.

We also discussed future plans of having an IMQG Quilt Show in 2016. The details are still being worked out, but we are aiming for a late spring/summer show. We will be sure to keep you updated as more details become available.

Next up we have the Travel Challenge! We had four entrees and two prizes. Congratulations to Karen Ratliff, Molly Isenbarger, Lisa Parker, and Darcie Mair for participating in the challenge. The votes were extremely close on this one as they were all amazing quilts! Karen took home the "Technical Skills" prize while Darcie took home "Viewer's Choice"

Although the wind was not in our favor, we did manage to get a picture of all four quilt entree's for the IMQG Travel Challenge 2015.

Karen talks about her Grand Canyon inspired quilt for the challenge.

Lisa talks about her "home" inspired quilt for the challenge. The center represent the "home" and although members of the family may leave and return and different times, they always return to the center where the home is.

Darcie talks about her "flying" geese quilt for the challenge. 

Molly's quilt was inspired by her local bus depot. What you can't see in the picture is all the detail she put into each "bus" making some look more faded than others and some have patches where they have been repaired.

After the judging was finalized, we went into show and tell mode.

Katie's Michael Miller "Glitz" fabric challenge quilt for the MQG.

At first glance it is a small quilt, but then it keeps getting longer and longer. :) Don't worry, she's adding strips to the sides.

Erika is well one her way to meeting her goal of making a quilt for each of her family members.

Molly's hand sewn Carolyn Friedlander project.

Tammy's quilt almost looks like stain glass!

And the back is just perfect for that top!

She also hand dyed all those fabrics and made adorable log cabins.

Karen shared her doggy's quilt. Every puppy should have their very own quilt!

She also brought in her wonky log cabin's quilt that was quilted by IMQG member Darcie Mair. And of course it has a matching doggy quilt made from the scraps of the big quilt. 
As one member said at the meeting, "Every quilt should come with a matching doggy quilt!"

As the resident photo taker, it's hard to get pictures of my own projects when I'm the one holding them. :) So here was my (Darcie) show and tell. My Michael Miller "Glitz" fabric challenge quilt.

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