Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Quilter of the Month: Laura Wolverton

Our next featured Quilter of the Indy Modern Quilt Guild is Laura Wolverton!

Name:  Laura Wolverton
Blog:  sewfroufrouquilter.wordpress.com
Instagram:  Sewfroufrouquilter
Hometown:  Pendleton, Indiana
Current Location: New Palestine, Indiana

What sewing machine do you use? Does it have a name? Do you like it?  
I have a Singer Touch-n-sew.  My parents bought one for both me and my sister as Christmas presents about 10 years ago.  I think my mother’s ulterior motive was so we couldn’t ask her to hem anything for us again but I had mentioned several times that I wanted to make a quilt.  It probably took me 5 years to work up the nerve to actually make a quilt.  I started out sewing clothes for my kids and was usually fairly happy with items I sewed for them but always horrified with everything I tried to make for myself so I finally decided to just make a quilt. 

Where do you sew? What’s your space look like?  
We never host holiday dinners or such so my husband finally convinced me to take over the empty dining room.  I built a makeshift cutting table and a design wall(I would like to have a re-do of the design wall).  One day when the kids move out, I plan to take over the upstairs because I hate that the first thing people see when they walk in our door is my messy sewing room.

What makes you a modern quilter?  
I think my willingness to try new things and not worry about the fact that someone says it is hard.  I may come to that conclusion myself but I don’t usually let it stop me from trying it at least. (I kind of love doing improv and wonky log cabins blocks too.)

Tell me about your first quilting experience.  
A long time before my parents bought me my sewing machine, I borrowed a tiny sewing machine that my grandfather used to use to hem his pants and I attempted to design and piece my own quilt with cheap fabrics.  Needless to say, the fabric just bunched up and I decided that I just needed to wait.  Jump ahead 5 years, my secretary was just finishing up with radiation for breast cancer and I wanted to make something to commemorate the occasion (which was 2 days away).  I decided I was going to make these tiny patchwork squares and applique a breast cancer logo on top.  After spending a day on my own trying to work out a design, I finally enlisted my mother’s help and she convinced me to do a small block/wallhanging.  I don’t have a picture of that project but it turned out well enough that I actually gave it to my secretary.  After that, I decided to modify a magazine quilt block into a gender neutral baby quilt--it’s really the first quilt I actually documented;  I hand quilted it with a leaf motif in the background and a wood grain for the tree trunk:

What’s your dream machine?  
My mother has a Bernina which I have sewn on a few times and it is incredible.  I don’t use her machine anymore though because it just makes me want a new one.  Since I’m not really in the market for a new machine until my children complete college and move out of the house, I don’t torture myself by test driving machines.

What is your favorite part of making a quilt?  
My favorite has to be planning and picking fabrics.  I have a huge list of someday quilts and a huge stack of quilting books and magazines that I love to flip through over and over.  I have a hard time getting past the top (unless I already have it tagged for someone).  Most of the quilts I make for myself are still unfinished.

What is your most dreaded part of making a quilt? 
I have a really hard time cutting large pieces of fabric which is usually why it takes me so long make the backs for my quilts.  Somewhere along the way, I developed some self -imposed rule that I can’t just buy a wide piece of fabric for the back.  I insist on piecing the back but want it to be quick which leaves me using large pieces of fabric.

Do you have any great tips and tricks you want to share?
I really like making multiple HST’s and flying geese at once.

Where are your favorite brick and mortar quilt shops?  
I love the French Seam because they usually have Art Gallery fabrics (my favorite) and Crimson Tate because they have Echino and Japanese fabrics that I usually only see online.

What are your favorite online fabric shops? 
If I’m looking for fun bundles or clubs, it would be Westwood Acres.  I participated in their Inside Voices club last year and loved the selection of fabrics I received.  If I’m looking for yardage or just random fabric, I like Hawthorne Threads--I love the newsletters (”fabric porn”) e-mails I get from them

What time of day do you usually sew? Do you listen to music, or watch TV?  
I work full time so I am only able to sew at night or on the weekends which is limited even further depending on my kids activities for the day, my mood by the time I get home, etc.  I don’t watch tv but I can usually hear it on in the other room.

Do you have any sewing or quilting injuries? 
Not really other than stabbing myself with a pin or my snips now and then

What are your favorite crafty blogs and/or Etsy shops?  
When I first started sewing, Happy Zombie and Quilt Dad were my favorite blogs but they don’t really post much anymore.  I don’t read many blogs these days because they seem to be more of a commercial.  I tend to enjoy Instagram now because it’s a lot of pretty pictures which is what I want to see.

What's your favorite Kona Cotton color?  
I guess Coal because it’s what I tend to look for when I have a 50% JoAnn’s coupon.  I really would like for Kona to come out with a perfect peacock teal color or more options in orange.

How long have you been a member of the IMQG?  
I think I have been a member for almost 5 years now but not sure. 

What do you love most about IMQG?  
I love listening to people talk about quilts.  No one in my house wants to talk about quilts with me.  I enjoy getting inspired to go home and sew.  

Do you sew/make other things besides quilts?  Some clothing, an apron and chef’s hat for my youngest daughter’s birthday a few years ago, and a few Halloween costumes (never again after last year’s Anna costume).

I’ve made a purse and change purse from an Amy Butler pattern.  I love it but it’s not as big as I would like it to be so it just hangs in my sewing room like an award (you can just see the strap up in the corner of the picture on my cutting table).  I designed an e-reader case for my daughter.

I also made pillows for my nieces and nephews and my husband one year for Christmas:

 What's your favorite project you've completed?  
My favorite completed project is probably the quilt I recently finished for my youngest daughter.  I designed the quilt around 3 Cori Dantini panels that I loved and added in some words that I think every little girl should live by (twirl, dance, dream, giggle, create, and laugh).

Thanks again Laura for being our Quilter of the Month!

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