Monday, January 25, 2016

January Meeting Recap

The January meeting was an excellent start to 2016 for the IMQG! We had a great turn out with lots of new members, and we hope they return to future meetings! After show and tell, Molly gave an incredible workshop on quilt design using different color schemes and modern quilt techniques.

Katie's baby quilt.

Holly's beautiful scrappy top!

Shari's improve circles.

Becky's almost finished quilt.

Tammy's finished top.

Meghan finished a quilt using block lotto blocks she won last year.

Meghan's maple leaf quilt.

Darcie's Triangle Template challenge quilt for QuiltCon.

Darcie's "Icy Waters" quilt from Amy's book.

Molly's finished top.

The quilt Molly started at the 2015 IMQG retreat.

Michele's t-shirt quilt for her niece.

Michele's panda pillow.

Jen's improve top in progress.

Erika finished two more quilts!

Erika's second quilt.

Lisa's low volume plus quilt.

One of Rachael's wheelchair quilts.

Rachael's temperature quilt.

All those tiny pieces in Rachael's last show and tell!!

Karen did some garment sewing already this year.

Bethany's sewing caddy.

After show and tell was Molly's workshop. We played with paint swatches, grid paper, and all kinds of coloring utensils! It was amazing!

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