Thursday, May 19, 2016

May Meeting Recap

We had a super fun May meeting at the RAD space near Crimson Tate! After announcements, including some discussion on the upcoming quilt show, we had show and tell. 

A few notes on the IMQG Quilt Show in July:
-There is still plenty of time to submit your quilts! Deadline to submit is July 10th, and finished quilts must be dropped off at the designated locations (tbd) by July 15th. 
-We did a test hanging at the shelter and found that it is pretty easy to hang larger quilts. Feel free to submit quilts larger than 48" wide.
-Keep a look out for a blog post detailing quilt submissions and volunteer roles. We need all the volunteers we can get!

Afterwards, we got down to business sewing the Charity Quilt for 2016. Karen put together an example block and had some great instructions for us. Then we each took a job and made a bunch of blocks assembly-line style. It was really great watching everyone work together and chat as we worked. We still need more blocks to put the top together, but overall it was a really good start!

A few of the blocks finished at the meeting.

We had a great assembly system with fabric scrip sorters, pressers, cutters, and sewers. 

And here is some show and tell eye candy:

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